Business Services Contact Information

Rob Young
Vice President for Finance & Administration
(937) 327-7009
Recitation Hall 203

Associate Director of Conferencing Services
(937) 327-7009
Recitation Hall 203

Noah Lamb
Assistant Vice President for Finance & Administration/Controller
(937) 327-6310
Recitation Hall 304

Trevor Hoberty
Business Operations Coordinator
(937) 327-7327
Recitation Hall 304

General Accounting

Andy Nichols
Associate Controller & Director of Accounting
(937) 327-6386
Recitation Hall 304

  • General accounting operations, 银行, internal and external audits, completing annual financial reporting, responsible for accounting areas, including accounts payable, cash management, endowment/investment accounting

Lisa Zimmerman
Accounts Payable Coordinator
(937) 327-7004
Fax: (937) 327-6305
Recitation Hall 308

  • Payment/Invoicing processing for University goods and services, expense reimbursements, 1099 tax form, vendor creation, payment requests, travel expense reimbursements, independent contractor agreements, W9 forms


Emily Rhoads
工资 Coordinator
(937) 327-7498
Recitation Hall 304

Office of Student Accounts

Kelli Wyer
Student Accounts Coordinator
(937) 327-7025
Recitation Hall First Floor

  • Student Account operations, 1098T processing, system updates for student billing, reporting and self-service functions, business relationships with students, employees and community members

Student Accounts Assistant
Recitation Hall First Floor

  • Student payments, payment plan setup, student and parent inquiries about account balances and payments


Director of Purchasing
(937) 327-6307
Fax: (937) 327-6305
Recitation Hall 308

  • Office Supplies and Equipment, Furniture, Bid Procedures/Questions, Purchase Orders and Requisitions, Change Orders, Vendor Questions or Disputes, Budget Planning, Material Management

      Mail Services

      Michael Lindeman
      Mailroom Coordinator
      (937) 327-6322
      Recitation Hall Basement

      • Employee mail, student mail, copy center, packages

      Olivia Clos
      Mailroom Assistant
      (937) 327-6322
      Recitation Hall Basement

      Material Management

      Warehouse Coordinator
      (937) 327-7399
      Fax: (937) 327-6305
      Physical Plant, Warehouse

      • Stationary supplies, warehouse supplies, surplus equipment and furniture, central receiving/shipping

      Tom Larger
      Delivery Driver
      Recitation Hall Basement

      Auxiliary Services

      University Bookstore

      Amy Dalton
      (937) 327-7457
      Student Center

      Dining Services

      Aaron Watson
      General 经理
      (937) 327-6160
      Student Center

      Related Services

      Facilities Management

      Dan McDermitt
      Director of Facilities Management
      (937) 327-7390
      Physical Plant, Room 104A


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